Planning for Winter: Be One Step Ahead on Snow and Ice Removal

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Planning for Winter: Be One Step Ahead on Snow and Ice Removal
Winter is quickly approaching and as such it is now more important than ever to prepare for the inevitable snow and ice. Generally in a contractor or construction setting, snow and ice have the ability to completely shut down a work site and kill deadlines. Knowing how to keep your construction site free of snow and ice this winter can help keep your team working and keep your deadlines intact.
Even if the first flake has yet to hit your job site or even your base of operations, it is important to keep in mind that snow and ice can hit at any time completely derailing projects and stalling work for days which means money lost. There are a few different ways that you can prepare for snow and ice before they ever hit so that you can keep working even when other businesses are waiting on snow removal.
The first way to prepare for ice and snow is to have a ready supply of salt on hand. This is best for smaller operations that can either hand throw salt prior to snow and ice falling or that have a spreader and can handle spreading salt on their own. Having a supply on hand for use is a great way to get ahead of snow and ice predictions so that you can keep your team working.
Aside from hand throwing salt or using a spreader in areas like parking lots or sidewalks, on job sites you may need to rent heavy equipment to remove snow and ice so that work can continue. Renting things like skidsteers, plows, bulk salt spreaders, dozers equipped to remove snow and more is a great way to get your work site cleared even when the snow is on. This is often the best option for those companies that do not have a ton of room or a ton of need to keep this sort of equipment on hand and in serviceable order.
For a small contractor for example, having a large snow plow or a dozer that is equipped to remove snow on hand all year round is not optimal as it takes up valuable storage space. Renting these pieces allows you to have a well maintained, working, and ready to use machine that has been maintained by another company. This saves you the money of having to buy the equipment outright yourself and the hassle of having to maintain it. If you live in an area where snow is likely, you may be able to talk with rental companies ahead of time and start to work out a rental agreement before the snow falls so that you can be sure you have access to the necessary machines.
Snow and ice are inevitable, staying prepared is the best and only solution when it comes to beating the snow and ice this winter. Snow may be a hassle but with proper preparation you can prevent business closures due to snow and ice and keep your business going all year long.


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