How to Handle Your Tier 4 Equipments’ DEF Requirements

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Handling Diesel Exhaust Requirements On Your Machinery

Tier 4 diesel statutes are used to control exhaust output from vehicles such as those used on construction sites every day. Tier 4 was created to protect the environment, and it is used every day to ensure companies are abiding by all clean air regulations. This article explains how a business may abide by the statutes to ensure it is operating safely. Any business that does not abide by the statutes put forth by the government risks citation or worse.

#1: Construction Projects Must Be Clean

Clean air is required during every project, and the simple list of rules ensures the company has complied with each rule on the government’s list. The government makes simple requests of every business when managing their machinery. It is quite simple to implement each Tier 4 rule, and businesses may provide paperwork that will prove they have followed each of the statutes on the list to the letter. Selective catalytic reduction is the process completed inside the engine that results in fine air quality, and your tests tell you if the vehicles are functioning properly.

#2: Testing Vehicles For Air Quality

The air released from each vehicle must be tested for quality as it cannot change under the law. The tests will show if the air has remained clean as it comes from the device, and anyone who tests their vehicles will learn quickly that each vehicle has its own range of air quality that must be met on every test. Vehicles that are no longer reaching the quality levels noted by the government must be repaired or replaced at once.

#3: Making Use Of Diesel Exhaust Fluid

DEF is the fluid used in the exhaust system of your vehicle, and it must be fed into the system every day to ensure your vehicles function properly. The urea solution helps convert exhaust fumes into harmless oxygen and nitrogen, and it must be used often to ensure the catalytic converter in the device works properly. You will remain within the guidelines for your machines when using DEF, and you may purchase it in bulk online.

#4: Ensure Vehicles Will Not Run Out Of DEF

Every vehicle running a diesel engine must be fitted with a failsafe that will alert the driver if it is ever running out of DEF. Keeping the vehicle filled with DEF is the job of the driver or your service center, and your driver may pull over to refill the DEF tank when needed.

#5: Maintaining A Service Program

Your business must maintain a rigorous service program that will keep everything functioning properly, and you may bring your vehicles in for DEF requirement tests when necessary. Every vehicle used on a work site must be held up to the highest standards for air quality in the world. The statutes that were created by the government are easy to follow as they ask for specific things, and any business that follows up on the list will ensure their business functions properly without fault.


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