Construction Manager’s Guide to an Injury-Free Jobsite

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Construction Manager’s Guide to an Injury-Free Jobsite

As a construction manager, one of your most crucial jobs is to prevent accidents and injuries on the job site. Even a small oversight can lead to massive problems for both yourself and the contractors working on the site. The easiest way to ensure an injury-free job site is to always follow proper procedures when inspecting the site and when hiring contractors.

Upon the initial inspection of the job site, you should make note of any areas that stand out as particularly dangerous. These include but are not limited to tall (more than 5 ft.) drop-offs, unstable or shaky footing, falling object risks, and potential electrical hazards. These risks should be noted and dealt with accordingly.

A secondary inspection should be conducted to make sure that all of the initially outlined risks were properly dealt with and secured. You will need to make sure that OSHA compliance is maintained on every level of the job site, both before and during construction.

The next step in ensuring an injury-free job site is to conduct interviews with every contractor that will be working on the site to check for proper safety training and protocol knowledge. This should include any knowledge pertaining to proper use of safety equipment such as respiratory protection, fall-prevention systems, helmets, and first-aid supplies. Have every contractor sign a statement confirming that they have received adequate training in these areas prior to starting work on the site.

Have emergency contact information posted clearly in several locations on the job site, as well as on file with any supervisors that will be working on the site. Following these procedures will help to ensure that the construction project goes smoothly and without injury to anyone involved. If you are ever in doubt, always contact the Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration directly to confirm local laws regarding accident prevention on the job site.

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