5 Ways to Better Your Communication Skills

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5 Ways to Better Your Communication Skills In The Construction Trade
Why Is Communication Important?

Communication is part of our everyday lives. We may often overlook the importance of good communication during our hectic schedules. Clear communication helps us achieve our goals. It also helps foster relationships. For the contractor working in the construction trade effective communication is a must. Here are five tips contractors can use to improve their communication skills.

Tip #1: Stop Talking Over People

For some of us, this is a habit that may be hard to break. If you want to become a better communicator, then start letting people finish their words and sentences. You will be surprised at the new information you can glean and the respect you can earn by not talking over people. Many people also view talking over them as being a sign of a lack of respect or care. Letting people finish what they are saying will garner you more respect and this can be important when dealing with clients and vendors.

Tip #2: Maintain Eye Contact When You Are Talking To Someone

You may recall this tip from your teachers or professors. Maintaining eye contact shows that you are listening to the person and that you are interested in what they have to say. Keeping eye contact on the speaker will also help you focus in on their conversation and help you to keep your mind from wondering off the subject at hand. Good communicators not only maintain eye contact when they are speaking but when they are listening as well.

Tip #3: Listen Actively And Not Passively

We can all spot the difference when someone is actively listening to our conversation or when they are just listening and not really paying attention. Active listening involves paying attention to what people are saying and taking the information in. It involves engaging the speaker after they have finished speaking with information that you have just heard. Passive listening is just hearing someone but not taking the time to think through what they are saying. In the construction business, it is very important to listen actively and not passively. You do not want to miss details that a client may want during a renovation or building project.

Tip #4: Paraphrase Information From The Conversation You Had

To show that you have really listened to a person and understood what they are saying, you should paraphrase. Paraphrasing involves repeating what someone else has said, before you add your in input to. As a contractor, you can say dear Mr. Adams, I understand you want to install a new lighting fixture, but it will cost more than anticipated and require additional wiring. This is an example of paraphrasing.

Tip #5: Speak Coherently And Stay On Point

Speak clearly when you are communicating with people. Do not wander off on a tangent to other points before you have finished your current one. Use plain language when possible and keep your sentences short and sweet. This will allow the person to better process your information.

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