5 Reasons to Add Machine Control

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5 Reasons to Add Machine Control

Machine control is proof that high technology and the construction industry work well together. Many a contractor who has added this money saving convenience to their fleet agree that it was the best business investment they could have made. Jobs are completed sooner with better accuracy and overall cost is lower than the same type of project on another site not using machine control.

In a market as competitive as the building industry, any edge a contractor can use to win a bid is a plus. It’s beginning to look like making machine control a fleet standard is soon going to be the only way to get ahead in the building industry. Following are five sensible reasons for adding this technology to your business.

Operating costs are lower when machine control is utilized. Money saved by avoiding rework and fuel waste, reduced maintenance and completing jobs ahead of schedule are four important reasons to seriously consider this method of doing business. Getting the most out of equipment any way possible is always going to be the best option on a construction site.

Machine control is easier on equipment by making sure the job is done right the first time. When less time is required to complete a job that translates to fewer hours on the engine, as well as less general wear and tear on the body. Every time a machine moves, it gets older. Controlling its operation is the best way to ensure you get every year’s worth of a machine’s usefulness.

Better control of job costs through predictability is a major reason for using machine control. A contractor who knows exactly how long the job will take is in a better position to make more productive use of material and labor. This technology won’t allow the operator to dig deeper than plans call for. Refilling an excavation due to “over-digging” is costly in terms of labor and supplies. With a machine in control to begin with, this a chore that will never be necessary.

Operators work better and take less time to train when machine control is used. Motor graders and bulldozers are notoriously hard to find and train operators for. Less expensive training time is needed when this technology is put to use. Operators with less field experience are able to perform a job just as well as those with years of experience with machine control to help them.

Machine control adds versatility to equipment by making multi-taskers out of compact excavators, utility tractors and skid steers. Examples, technology allows for perfect accuracy when excavating near a building. Skid steers are put to use for final grading, and tractors are made much more efficient at optimum grading in large areas.

One of the most important issues on any job site is the blending together of so many different crafts. Machine control makes this easier and helps eliminate confusion which translates into saving money. This technology will prove its worth the first time its used to complete a job and the bottom line is bigger because of it.

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